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Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Lawns

Zoysia grass is a premium Warm Season lawn of great quality which has long been hidden from Australian lawn owners. This is a sad fact because Zoysia has so many good qualities it's a difficult grass to overlook or beat for homeowners choosing their next lawn variety.

While Zoysia has been available for a very long time for use as lawns, it's original and main variety was a type known as Manilla Grass, this lawn variety was excellent but did have a few minor setbacks, including it's name which many people didn't accept too readily - often to the homeowners own detriment of missing out on a wonderful lawn.

These days an even better strain of Zoysia is available, known as Zoysia japonica, which has overcome all of the shortcomings of Manilla Grass. Zoysia japonica produces a wonderful dark green lawn which is highly drought resistant, stays green all year round, has good disease resistant properties, and really does produce an overall soft, luscious, versatile lawn with low maintenance requirements.

Mowing Zoysia Lawns

Zoysia continues it's high reputation when it comes to lawn mowing. The grass can be mowed as low as 10 mm with a Cylinder Mower, or as high as 30 mm or higher with a Rotary Mower for more shaded areas.

The Best Uses For Zoysia Grass

Zoysia can be used almost anywhere, it can handle full sun and due to it's slightly wider leaf blade than Couch, it can also take a little extra shade in places where a Couch lawn may suffer. It's a good lawn for regions of high rainfall, drought or any other weather conditions, with the only exceptions being the coldest regions of the country, as Zoysia will not take extreme cold very well.

Why Choose A Zoysia Lawn

Obviously there are all the benefits already mentioned, such as a lovely green colour all year round, good disease resistance, drought resistance, ability to mow low or high, low invasive properties, medium shade tolerance and a soft green lawn.

Choosing Zoysia over Couch is an easy decision, Zoysia requires far less maintenance, won't invade garden beds, requires less fertilising and mowing and doesn't suffer the same thatch build up of Couch.

The other most popular variety of turf now is Soft Leaf Buffalo which is another excellent turf variety, Buffalo should be chosen in preference only for it's greater shade tolerance properties, other than that, it only comes down to preference for the look of the lawn, and Buffalo's need for more water compared to Zoysia.

Treating Weeds In Zoysia Grass

There really are no special needs for treating weeds in Zoysia Lawns, Zoysia handles most lawn herbicides very well without any problems.

Zoysia Is For Warmer Climates Only

The final important fact to know about Zoysia grass as a potential new lawn to grow at our homes, is to understand that Zoysia is for the warmer regions of Australia only. All Zoysia lawn types will not grow well or flourish in cooler climates... yet every Zoysia grass will absolutely love the warmer climates.

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