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Queensland Blue Couch

Queensland Blue Couch

Queensland Blue Couch Lawn

Queensland Blue Couch remains one of the first choices for many homeowners around the country. In recent years, Queensland Blue has begun to be improved with several new variations of the grass, each giving new performance boosts, colour changes, and strengths where previous Queensland Blue grasses fell short.

Queensland Blue Couch is a warm season grass suited only to the warmer regions of the country. It has a similar appearance as genuine Couch, but with a wider leaf blade which tapers into a pointy tip. And just as the name suggests - Queensland Blue really does have a blue tinge to it's olive deep green colour.

Overall, Queensland Blue is a worthwhile grass for consideration as a lawn, it will mow well at low heights with a cylinder mower, produces a lovely carpet of soft green lawn, and has low to medium lawn care requirements. Queensland Blue Couch thrives best in full sun positions, the lawn repairs well from damage and has good salt tolerance. It also notably does not thatch up like many other grasses will.

Queensland Blue Is Not A Couch

Despite being referred to as Queensland Blue Couch, Blue Couch or even just Couch, this grass is NOT a Couch (Cynadon dactylon) at all - it's an entirely unrelated species (Digitaria didactyla), and certainly is not from Queensland either. Queensland Blue originated from South Africa and earned it's name from being a favourite grass type in Queensland where this lawn is particularly well suited that States climate.

Herbicide Warning for Queensland Blue Couch

As we now know that Queensland Blue Couch is not a true Couch, we must remember this whenever we are looking for selective herbicides for use on our lawn. This is because some herbicides which work with no problems on real Couch, can KILL Queensland Blue. So choose herbicides carefully and always refer to your lawn as Queensland Blue when seeking advice at a garden centre - or you may just be given the wrong herbicide, with no fault of the garden centre staff.

Queensland Blue Couch

Notes To The Turf Growing Industry

The blame for the confusion over names and unnecessary damage to lawns from mis-use of herbicides - lies solely with the turf industry which continues to market their new Queensland Blue lawns as Blue Couch or even directly refer to it as a Couch. Some companies even refer to this grass as native to Australia. It would be a far better service for every homeowner if these lawn companies began to market this grass honestly, and at minimum to always refer to it as Queensland Blue Couch, The homeowner can also aid in the illumination of this confusion by only referring to their own lawns as Queensland Blue!

Queensland Blue (Digitaria didactyla) is also known as Blue Serangoon Grass and Petit Gazon Grass in different parts of the world. It's sister grass (Digitaria swazilandensis) is known as Swazi Grass.

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