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Zoysia Compadre

Zoysia Compadre

Zoysia Compadre - Another Great Variety of Zoysia

Zoysia Compadre follows in the footsteps of the ever popular Zoysia lawn variety, adding new benefits to a lawn type which is already a top performing lawn across many different areas.

Zoysia Compadre has good shade tolerance but will always prefer being in a more sunny position. Following it's other Zoysia cousins, this variety will also tolerate low water and drought conditions quite well. It has a dark green leaf with a tone which can be quite different to many other grass types, this slightly unusual but lovely shade of green once again is a normal Zoysia trait.

Zoysia's do not tolerate cold weather very well, it is a warm season grass type and should only be planted in the warmer regions of Australia where other warm season lawns are grown, such as Buffalo and Couch.

Zoysia Compadre Difference

The difference between Zoysia Compadre and other Zoysia lawns comes with it's main benefit hidden in it's name. Compadre means Companion, and Zoysia Compadre has been developed, grown and encouraged for it's suitability to grow so well amongst other grass types in a companion setting.

Different grasses are usually mixed together to overcome a weakness in one grass type, by mixing another grass type which excels in the area of where the main turf falls short.

Zoysia Compadre and Tall Fescue

Zoysia Compadre and Tall Fescue were made for each other, these two grass types blend perfectly with each other with similar colour and leaf. The Tall Fescue will tend to do much better in shaded areas and dominate, but the real reason these grasses blend so well together is in Winter.

Zoysia can often become quite dormant in Winter, while it does hold it's colour well, it's growth and vitality diminish. This is where Tall Fescue will spring to life and become the dominant grass type in Winter, providing a vibrant dark green lawn which continues to flourish over the Winter.

As Summer returns, the Zoysia Compadre will again become dominant while the Tall Fescue goes into dormancy.

Zoysia Compadre - A Lawn Perfect On It's Own

Zoysia Compadre does not need to be bought for the sole purpose of blending with Tall Fescue, it makes a perfectly good Zoysia lawn all on it's own, and can be considered and laid with confidence by all homeowners.

New Zoysia Compadre Lawns

A new Zoysia Compadre lawn can be started with seed, if your plan is to mix the grass with Tall Fescue then be sure to look for this blend when purchasing. If it cannot be purchased in a pre-mixed form, then the homeowner can pre-mix the seed themselves prior to sowing.

Zoysia Compadre can also be purchased via some turf farms in roll-on form. Turf farms have been a little slow to adapt Zoysia Compadre and it's blend with Tall Fescue, so this may not be an option available everywhere in Australia.

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