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Too Many Birds On My Lawn

Too Many Birds On My Lawn

Why Do Birds Love My Lawn

Wild birds are natural and wonderful guests whenever we're lucky enough that they visit our homes and gardens. In fact, if we have birds visiting our gardens regularly, it's easy to say we've done something right in our gardens that these wild creatures would like to visit.

Birds Destroying Lawns

While birds foraging on lawn is quite natural, they can become a pest whenever it seems they are developing a slightly unnatural fascination with our lawns. With the result being that they begin digging into and making a mess of the turf.

While the first inclination in protecting our lawn from destruction by birds may be to try and control the birds themselves in some way, the truth is that the birds themselves are not causing the problem.

The presence of birds digging into the turf is indicating that there is something wrong with the lawn, and which is attracting the birds and promoting their behaviour as a result.

Weeds and Pests

Birds will naturally forage in lawns for either bugs or the bulbs of some weed types such as Guildford Grass.

So birds are actually friends to our lawns by reducing some weeds and pests for us.

Generally speaking, birds in the Parrot family will most often dig for weed bulbs or corms, while Black and White birds such as Butcher Birds and Magpies will most often dig for lawn bugs


The excessively destructive bird behaviour begins when there are excessive numbers of pests in the lawn, and the birds are going on a slight feeding frenzy with all the available food.

So as we can now see, the birds are not the problem, they are telling us there is a problem that needs to be dealt with in our lawns , and are already helping us deal with it.

Dealing With The Cause Of The Lawn Problem

The excessive bird behaviour has now indicated that we have a major pest problem with our lawn, and without directly dealing with the problem as quickly as possible - our lawns could suffer quite badly in a very short space of time.

If the problem is bulbous weeds such as Guildford Grass, then this can be most easily dealt with by hiring a professional weed spraying contractor to apply a herbicide.

However if the problem is pests such as Army Worms, White Curl Grubs, Cutworms or Sod Webworms, we have a major problem to deal with.

These lawn pests can cause an enormous amount of lawn damage and lawn death once they reach large numbers.

Identify and Kill Lawn Pests

The following lawn care articles will help to identify and kill these lawn pests:
Army Worms
White Curl Grubs
Sod Webworms

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