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Contractor Grade Lawn Mowers For Homeowners

Contractor Lawn Mowers

Considering Quality In A New Lawn Mower

Our lawn care is important to us, and hen considering the purchase of a new lawn mower, many homeowners will inevitably also look at the more expensive Contractor Grade lawn mowers. To sum up the differences with other mower types and to try and determine which mower will be the best over the long term life of the lawn mower.

It's often a difficult choice, and difficult to research without a prior firm understanding of the quality differences in machines, and how the economy will work out over the long term.

In most cases, a Contractor Grade lawn mower will not be a necessary choice, but for some lawn owners it can easily be the best choice.

Strengths Of Contractor Lawn Mowers

These lawn mowers are the toughest and most reliable of all machines. They are designed to be extremely reliable and powerful, to be used every day of the year in the rain, wind and hottest Summer days, they are made to be taken on and off vehicles constantly everyday, to produce a fine quality cut as well as have the power to slash tough lawn weeds and long tough grass.

Contractor lawn mowers can take constant abuse for years and still start at the next job. They break down less often, are easier to use and spare parts are readily available, and will continue to be for many years.

Spare parts are easily available and will continue to be for years, and are often cheaper in price than they are for cheaper lawn mowers.

Benefits Of Contractor's Lawn Mowers For The Homeowner

While this lawn mower type is not required by most homeowners, they should be considered by some lawn owners for a couple of possible reasons:

If the owner has a larger than normal property which they regularly service themselves and will continue to do so for many years to come. These lawn mowers will consistently last for a longer period of time while undergoing increased mowing times, as well as producing less fatigue to the operator.

The owner plans to own and maintain their lawns themselves for a very long time and want a high quality lawn mower which will produce a quality finish, and want their mower to be reliable and to last for as long as they themselves will, they also want a mower which is the easiest to use and plan to take care of the mower as much as their lawn.

Ease Of Use and Reliability

Because these lawn mowers are designed to be used by Contractors, they are built tough, to last a long time and with the most reliability. An average homeowner who takes care of their machine properly with regular servicing may easily never need to take the machine to a mower shop for any repairs for a very long time, if ever.

Equally importantly, these lawn mowers are made to be the easiest to use, to push easily through grass with quality ball bearing wheels, to start on the first attempt, and are ergonomically designed for less fatigue by the operator.

If the homeowner expects to own a lawnmower for a very long time, then a contractor grade lawn mower would easily be the best possible choice.

Economy Of Purchase Over The Life Of The Mower

In the overall equation of economy of purchase, these lawn mowers may well be the most expensive to purchase initially but would easily become the cheapest to own over the entire period of time the owner requires a lawn mower. Easier to use, most reliable, and solid dependable quality would sum up this lawn mower type.

Whatever the lawn type, when the initial extra outlay of $300-400 is compared to just one lawn mower repair bill of the same price for a cheaper mower, or replacing 10 cheap Chinese lawn mowers when a Contractors Mower would have lasted the same period of time, the economy is easy to see, and these mowers are a pleasure to use.

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