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Cheap Lawn Mowers - Are They Worth The Cost

Cheap Lawn Mowers

A Flood of Cheap Lawn Mowers

The abundance of cheaply made and poor quality Chinese products flooding into the country in recent years also extends to lawn mowers. These days, there are many lawn mowers available for under $200, wearing brand names we've never heard of.

The initial reactions of most of us is that of happiness, that these important tools are finally coming down in price, and with so many more choices available. But before we pull out the credit card, it would be wise to truly consider what we're purchasing and what we can expect from our new mower in the near future.

The Truth About Cheap Lawn Mowers

There is no reason to gently sidestep this topic, it should be spoken about truthfully.

These mowers are of exceptionally poor quality in every way possible and the lawn owner can be guaranteed of any or all of these experiences:

  • The mowers perform very poorly, are often underpowered and produce a poor quality cut,
  • They often lack many basic features including things such as height adjusters, and many even have an unsuitable base made from plastic,
  • Their cheap build guarantees regular breakdowns, poor performance including starting and running the engine, and parts breaking quickly and easily,
  • When the engine does break down after a short life span, there are no spare parts available for the engine or any other part of the lawn mower,

The short lifespan of the mower and lack of spare parts - leaves the owner with no other alternative than to put the mower in the bin when it does finish it's brief life, and these are hardly wise decisions when it comes to our lawn mowing and lawn care practices.

Damage To The Environment

While many products we purchase from known and trusted brands are now being made in Chinese factories, these products are usually made to the same quality standards as they were when they were being manufactured in their originating countries. These principles continue through to the environmental impacts of the manufacturing process.

The Chinese branded mowers, and other products do not follow these same standards of environmental responsibility. Such factories are often exposed in the media and are well known for their environmentally damaging manufacturing processes.

The short lifespan of cheap Chinese branded mowers also means purchasing more mowers more frequently, which costs more money than if a better mower was purchased to begin with. And with all these mowers being thrown in the bin every time they break down - their collective environmental impact can be massive, and unnecessary.

Buy Quality and Save Money and Frustration

In summary, there is no imaginable reason for the lawn owner to ever consider this type of mower. They save no money, perform poorly, break easily, break down quickly, and there are no spare parts available. All these problems before we even begin to think about the resulting frustration involved with their ownership and associated problems.

Even if the lawn owner only has very low expectations and needs from their lawn mower, then it's always a much wiser option to consider the next level of lawn mower, which is a known named brand which has been made to a cheaper price point.

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